London City Mission exists to serve the Church of London in sharing the love of God and the good news of Jesus Christ with the least reached of London. 

We seek to make this a reality not only by doing evangelism alongside London’s churches, but also by envisioning and equipping the Church, so that ultimately, they can confidently reach out to people with the gospel themselves. 

So, what does this look like one a day-to-day basis?

Sending out missionaries

We send out missionaries, gifted and trained in urban mission, to London’s least reached groups, living amongst them, building friendships and sharing the gospel.

Mobilising churches for mission

Our missionaries build connections with local churches, coming alongside them to identify and reach those people least likely to hear the gospel in their community. The result could be any number of ministries started together – perhaps starting a foodbank that seeks to share the good news along with providing much needed food supplies. Running an online Bible study during lockdown. Or it could be hosting online after-school youth groups for young people where they can learn how much Jesus loves them.

Training up workers for the harvest

We provide training to Christians on urban mission, ranging from a one-day course in Practical Evangelism to studying for a two-year Graduate Diploma. 

We do all of this to share God’s love with those who are least likely to hear it.  


London is a complicated melting pot with people from diverse backgrounds and ages. We know that people who are in certain groups, such as those who have attended university, are much more likely to have a Christian friend or a workplace with a Christian Fellowship. Although every person in London needs the gospel, our calling is to those who are least likely to be invited to church, least likely to have a friend to tell them the good news of Jesus Christ.  

These least reached communities across London are made up of many different people groups. Broadly speaking, there are some similar characteristics, which are often interwoven. Over the years we have developed specialisms in these areas to help shape effective models of evangelism. You can find out about each of these key characteristics, and ways in which London City Mission’s experience is helping churches to share the gospel below: 

Children, youth and schools

Islam and other religions

Estates and seniors

Homeless and marginalised

Diaspora Churches

Because London needs Jesus