John Wheeler

Senior Project Worker at Webber Street

"I see potential in every person that walks through the door at Webber street"

John’s life changed when he surrendered himself to God after a 20 year battle against class A drug addiction.

His journey in search of God led him to explore many different ideologies for over 10 years, before the Holy Spirit convicted him and he gave his life to Jesus. Not long afterwards he became a ministry trainee at St Marks Battersea where he started serving as a leader at the homeless ministry church on Wednesdays. He also set up a street evangelism prayer group, he became a home-group leader, and he started leading the worship team.

"As someone who has been homeless and at rock bottom in the grips of addiction, I have experienced the loving grace of God when there seemed to be no hope. In a place where we see lots of guests at rock bottom, I pray that God uses me and my experience, strength and hope to show them that it’s possible through Jesus."

John now works as a floor co-ordinator and senior project worker at Webber Street – a day centre welcoming people that are homeless. His role is to help provide breakfast, tea and coffee, showers, clothes and support with any issues that they may have. John also loves to share the gospel with the guests whenever the opportunity arises, and he leads the optional weekly bible study.

"I see potential in every person that walks through the door at Webber street - they are children of God and my vision is for them all to find freedom in Jesus and be the best of themselves.”

John is single, and has a big family in London.

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