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Taking one step in sharing Jesus

Jason Roach, Director of Ministries at London City Mission, share the simple steps we can take to sharing faith

Later Life and the Mission Field

Alexandra Drew from Faith in Later Life, explores the major gospel impact of older people in our churches.

When brokenness walks through your church doors

LCM Missionary Luke Carson shares from his experience of showing genuine, sustainable, Christ-like care for people overlooked by others.

Reach outside of your comfort zone and start with one

London City Mission launches new evangelism resource hub and podcast as revealing research highlights key opportunities for Christians to bridge gaps and share the gospel.

Walking alongside people in poverty

How can we authentically and sustainably love and care for people suffering in poverty?

Gospel hope amidst poverty and deprivation

Graham Miller, LCM CEO, shares how the church can keep the light of the gospel shining brightly in the heart of these urban areas.