Get inspired about how God is at work across London in the lives of men, women and children!

Treatment for the soul

It’s not often you hear of churches being taken over by beauty salons. But that’s exactly what happened at one East London church recently, all to reach those on the margins of society.

The faithfulness of follow-up

Hear how LCM missionary, Alice Cooper, uses everyday conversations to share faith with the Muslim community.

The Power of Prayer – how the Holy Spirit moved at Hope Church.

How can we make prayer central to our ministry? For Ursula at Hope Church, Newham, it meant understanding that prayer was a two-way conversation. “God spoke through someone to tell us... I'm the leader of this work and you need to align with me.”

From Prison to Purpose - Carol's story

Hear the story of a troubled life that led to Carol finding Jesus in a prison cell.

Daada's Story

Hear how Daada and Diaspora churches are boldly sharing faith across London

Bringing Jesus to your doorstep!

Denzel and Sister Inez have been taking the gospel from door to door for months – and have found a powerful way to reach out across all generations.