Daniel Douglas

Missionary in Southwark

“The Holy Spirit transforms, and I am living proof that is a fact. Jesus can save anybody!"

Before meeting Jesus, Daniel was a well-known Gangster rapper, and had served prison time. Everything changed when he met with God on a mountain in Jamaica; and was later saved while reading the gospel of Mathew. Daniel soon heard about the Mission from another LCM missionary whilst he was attending a Christian rap concert and felt drawn to serve.

“Ever since I found out Jesus is real, and the Bible is true I wanted to shout it from the roof tops. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, The Holy Spirit transforms, and I am living proof that is a fact. Jesus Christ can save anybody!”

Daniel now works as missionary in Southwark, helping churches to share the saving message of Jesus with those otherwise unlikely to hear it. His heart is for diaspora communities – people who have moved from, or identify with, another part of the world. He also ministers to those who are homeless, imprisoned, or gang members. Daniel equips churches to reach out through door-to-door ministry, speaking engagements, community events, and even Christian rap music.

Southwark is a diverse area, with the largest portion of diaspora churches in London. Many people are homeless or living in poverty, struggling with mental health, drug abuse, or criminal activity. And anti-Christian narratives are commonplace, especially amongst younger people.

"My heart is to reach the African Caribbean community in London with the saving message of the gospel. And I want to share my skills and experiences with Christians across London to inspire them to do the same." 

Daniel enjoys spending quality time with his wife Melissa, and his four children. He’s also a published author, a Christian hip hop/reggae music artiste, and hosts his own Christian podcast and YouTube Channel.

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