Pancho Miller

Project Leader for Corner House

"It’s a God-given passion because I can empathise with their pain.”

Pancho was born in Peru, where he saw the effects of inequality and poverty from an early age.

"Although raised by Christian parents, I fell into drug use as a teenager. It was a way of escape from emotional pain, which I didn't know where to go with," says Pancho. It was when he placed his trust in Jesus, that he was finally released from the grip of addiction.

Following a deep personal loss as a young adult, his faith grew and God gave Pancho a burden for people that are broken, to find life and hope in Jesus.

“My heart is to serve people who lose their way in life. I'm convinced that men who sleep rough are not beyond hope and deserve our time and care to be restored.”

Pancho now works as LCM’s Ministry Leader at the Corner House where he leads a team of staff and volunteers, seeking to equip and inspire everyday Christians to share the hope of Christ. Together, they work to befriend residents in recovery and to turn the corner on homelessness and past trauma.

“In one way or another, the men we serve here have experienced loss and their lives being unravelled. The Corner House is a place where they can take time to receive help and get back on their feet. It’s my vision for these men to see their lives within God’s bigger picture and to experience freedom as they trust in Jesus.

“It's true, old habits die hard. We are seeing these negative cycles break as men dare to engage with the deep question of what God's big story means for them. Pray with me, for each man we serve to come to faith in Jesus, for souls to find rest and contentment, assured by his grace.”

Before joining LCM, Pancho and his wife lived on a canal boat while working in London. They now have two young sons who keep them on their toes!

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