Shane Goodyear

Missionary in Lambeth

"I seek to witness about Christ, his death and resurrection to people from all backgrounds"

When Shane was 2 years old, his dad left, and 2 years later he and his mum found themselves homeless.

They stayed on people’s couches, then in a small hostel with a shared bathroom with strangers. From a young age, Shane discovered that the world was a frightening and dangerous place.

“At 21 the death and resurrection of Jesus was shared with me and I believed that truth. My sins where forgiven and there was hope, instead of despair, light instead of darkness, love instead of evil.”

As Shane grew as a Christian, he realised that within his “theological tribe”, there were not many people who were like him, let alone the leaders of those churches. At the age of 26, God called Shane into ministry on council estates to share the hope of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“I seek to witness about Christ, his death and resurrection to people from all backgrounds who come from and live on council estates. I want to train Christians to share their faith with people who were brought up in, or are currently living in this context. And I want to disciple people from estates with the knowledge and love of Christ both broadly and deeply, equipping Christians to do likewise.”

“Over the years, even before I was trusting in Jesus, I have seen God’s loving hand in my life. I am now a husband, and a father of 3 beautiful children. Jesus has been good to me, and my life goal is to see people from estates share the same eternal and temporal blessing of knowing the deep love of Jesus and the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit.” 

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