Jennifer Garibay

Missionary at Webber Street Homeless Day Centre

“London’s homeless long to feel seen, loved and part of a community..."

During Jennifer’s time at All Nations Christian College, she served alongside a London City Mission missionary at a drop-in for women on the margins of society.

“I loved this work and the more I learned about LCM the more I loved their vision and felt a call to join this mission.”

When Jennifer’s time at Bible college ended, she applied to LCM and was accepted to work on a council estate in South London. During the height of the pandemic, she began to help at Webber Street, LCM’s homeless day center in Waterloo, and has been working there ever since.

“Like many people, I have a story of brokenness. I am thankful to the Lord for calling me to himself and redeeming my story. My hope is to point others to the God who loves and saves, and to encourage churches to share the good news of Jesus with London’s lost and lonely.”

Jennifer is particularly interested in the use of the arts to help people who are homeless and marginalised to heal from the wounds of their past, and to help them understand God and their place in his story.

“London’s homeless long to feel seen, loved and part of a community. Webber Street can point people to Jesus and meet practical needs with showers, food, clothing and someone to chat with. We also want to help churches feel confident in welcoming homeless men and women into their church families.”

Jennifer loves exploring and learning about London, accompanied by her dog, Buxton.

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