Rob Hooks

Missionary at Webber Street

"We can’t underestimate the power of what we do for people, and what we say to them.”

Rob is originally from America and grew up in a non-Christian home that brought its own challenges...

Since coming to Christ Rob joined LCM, working with those who are homeless and in prison for over 36 years!

“Coming from a broken home and having a chaotic upbringing has given me an insight into the life of those who are marginalised. Most of those I meet suffer greatly from addiction and mental health issues, but the gospel is good news for them - their lives can be changed!”

Rob works as a missionary at our Webber Street homeless day centre, seeking to help people take steps out of homelessness and provide relief from life on the streets. They regularly serve breakfast, run a Bible group, arts group and a weekly 1-1 support drop-in. The team also seek to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of guests as they work alongside local churches. Together they host community meals helping guests connect with a church family and build lasting friendships, and volunteers are trained and equipped through opportunities to share the life-transforming news of Jesus.

Every day at Webber Street, Rob meets people who are struggling with homelessness, poverty, and addictions as they look for satisfaction in something other than Jesus. The average life expectancy for a rough sleeper is in the mid 40s – 15% of deaths are from suicide.

“I want the ministry at Webber Street to show love and care to those who are marginalised in our community - we can’t underestimate the power of what we do for people, and what we say to them.”

In addition to his work at Webber Street, Rob also works with the Prison team in Brixton, helping secure support for those once they are released. Emotional, spiritual and practical help are all vital as a person integrates back into the community.

Rob has been married to Sandy for 37 years, and they have 3 sons, 2 lovely daughters-in-laws, 2 grand-sons and a grand-daughter.

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