Matt Brinkley

Team Leader in Tower Hamlets

"God is changing hearts one at a time, and it's significantly reshaping the face of the church in London"

Matt first trusted Jesus at the age of 15.

He later worked for a church near Birmingham and then completed a degree in Theology and Mission. Matt then recognised the vast need for Muslims to hear about Jesus in London and he became motivated by that. Matt's been part of London City Mission since 2017 when he felt the challenge to invest years of his life in the people of Tower Hamlets.

Matt is passionate about seeing churches share the Gospel in different religious communities. 

"My vision is that our local churches are full of people from various nationalities and religious backgrounds but all worshiping Jesus as Lord and Saviour. God is changing hearts one at a time, and it's significantly reshaping the face of the church in London."

Matt leads an LCM team in Tower Hamlets that operates in various ministries, from among displaced people to children's ministries. He is often found walking local streets and around housing blocks with church members. Churches are growing in wisdom through his apprentice-style training and he is hosting new long-term outreach initiatives. As a result, churches grow their insights about who lives in their local housing blocks. He also serves by coordinating book table campaigns and teaching evening training courses.

"Tower Hamlets is one of the poorer areas of London. It's the densest borough in the UK where overcrowding in flats is common, and over 50% of children live below the poverty line. But where I find desperation, I also find a hunger for the light of the Gospel."

Matt is from a family of pastors, the youngest of four brothers and an avid F1 fan.

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