Our vision

We want to see Jesus Christ known in every community in London.

That means reaching one in two people, in one of the biggest cities in Europe.

How on earth can that happen?

It can be achieved by building up and equipping what we believe to be the most precious and powerful thing on earth... the Church.

Think of all the thousands of evangelical churches across London. Think of the hundreds of thousands of Christians, with the potential and desire to share their faith (many are already doing it!).

The problem is, something often gets in the way.

Sometimes Christians don’t feel confident or equipped to speak about Jesus, particularly with people who are different to them. Imagine all these churches across London released to lovingly and confidently share the good news of Jesus with those around them!

And imagine those who hear this good news telling people around them about it!

Map 2

Building connections with least reached communities isn’t always straightforward.

If someone’s never been to church before, how do you invite them?

Can you share the gospel in schools?

How can you practically help someone in poverty... and share the hope of Christ?

How do you start a conversation with a Muslim about Jesus?

After nearly 200 years ministering in this amazing city, we know it and love it, and love coming alongside churches to build them up and face these challenges together. We help churches to know their local community and its needs, to build friendships and to share the good news of Jesus. And we love to witness the Lord at work.

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