Ann's story


Ann has lived on the same estate in London for more than 30 years. She'd given up on church, but things changed after she got a knock at the door.

Ann's known as ‘the mum of Vauxhall’ – everyone knows her, and she loves getting to know everyone. “I always believed in God, but I never felt connected to God or the church,” said Ann. “After a while I didn’t even want anything to do with the church.” Then Ann met Shane, an LCM missionary, and a friendship grew between them. Conversations often turned to life’s bigger questions. And one Sunday, Ann took a big step.

“I was sitting in my flat, looking at the clock and saw it was 11 o’clock... and I decided I’d give church a go. If I’m being honest, I was so nervous. But they greeted me with so much warmth.”

Ann kept coming. Sundays became her favourite day of the week, and she started to read the Bible with Shane.“ Jesus went through so much torture, all for me. I felt like he really wasn’t asking much, so I gave my life to him. Jesus is my life now!” Now Ann can’t keep quiet about her new life. “God’s helping me to get out and speak to people about him. Even if I’m on the bus, I chat about Jesus,” says Ann. “And I pray others will do what I have done and turn to Jesus.”