Opening doors to the gospel


Opening doors to the gospel


God is at work through LCM’s Pioneer Programme. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Pioneer Programme aims to raise up local believers from across London's urban communities and equip them to share Jesus. The two-year programme is a unique opportunity for gifted, passionate believers to receive training and support that might otherwise be unavailable to them, to become effective gospel evangelists.

Maegan Webb is almost at the end of her first year of LCM’s Pioneer programme.

Maegan comments that she has “loved every moment of it,” – even if she was unsure of some of the training at first! One area of training includes taking part in community outreach by visiting people’s homes, which Maegan admits she wasn't especially keen on at the start. The idea is to reach people in the area with the gospel by visiting their homes, speaking to them about Jesus at their front door and giving them a chance to respond to the good news.

Not a fan of sharing the gospel at someone’s doorstep

Initially, she "wasn’t a fan" of this particular type of ministry.

"Door-to-door ministry used to fill me with fear," Maegan confides. "I had so many misconceptions and judgments, thinking it would be difficult and that we'd face closed doors at every turn. But now... now it's become a source of unexpected joy and connection."

Maegan’s change of heart came after she visited a home in an inner-city estate near her church with her supervisor and LCM missionary, James Tredgett. She will never forget that day.

The day it all changed

“I am so thankful for James for being with me. He’s been such an exceptional teacher and has such a practical way of sharing the gospel,” says Maegan.

“He’s helped me ask more questions and highlighted the importance of letting conversations unfold naturally.”

On one particular day, feeling uncomfortable, Maegan took a deep breath as she stood before yet another unfamiliar door. She steeled herself for the possibility of rejection but also held onto the hope that maybe this would be the door where someone's life would be changed forever.

The door opened. An older man, lonely and isolated, was on the other side. His name was Steve*, and he promptly invited Maegan and James in for a cup of tea.

"It has been such an encouragement to be used by God in this way," says Maegan.

Sharing the gospel with Steve*

“During our visit, Steve shared his intimate life experiences, allowing us to share the gospel with him,” says Maegan.

“We spent about two hours there on our first visit, and Steve joked about his favourite biscuits. They were custard creams, which we promised to bring next time.”

On their second visit, they brought a Bible for Steve. They also didn’t forget the promised custard creams, and continued sharing the gospel with Steve. Steve revealed that he had encountered Christians before, but he didn't feel he fully understood what Christianity was about.

The follow-up

In the following weeks, Maegan, James and others from Maegan’s church returned to Steve's doorstep time and again, engaging him in conversations about faith, life, and the teachings of Jesus. Maegan listened attentively as he shared his doubts and fears, offering genuine friendship as well as words of encouragement.

“Steve had so many questions, we found ourselves unpacking and revisiting the gospel a few times – which was an amazing opportunity to share Jesus with him,” Maegan explains.

Then, one day, Steve started asking for prayer and expressed finding peace after praying. He began trying to read the Bible on his own.

As the days turned into weeks, Maegan witnessed a profound change taking place within Steve's heart. She saw the weight of his burdens lift as he embraced the message of grace and redemption that so many had shared with him.

Welcome to God’s family

And then, through the work of the Holy Spirit, it happened — Steve decided to follow Jesus Christ, accepting him as his Saviour and Lord.

As Maegan reflects on the ministry Steve received, she can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude.

“It has been such an encouragement to be used by God in this way,” she says. “It is a privilege to work for his kingdom and his glory.”

Maegan’s perspective on doorstep ministry has shifted significantly since she first started. Initially filled with fear and uncertainty, she now views it as a source of unexpected joy and connection.

Doors opening to the gospel

She has seen doors open to the gospel, physically and in people's hearts. She now recognises the potential for meaningful encounters and transformative conversations that can lead to profound change in people's lives.

She is grateful for the countless doors that have been opened along the way, each representing an opportunity to share the love of Christ with a fallen world.

Is God calling you to reach your community? Would you or members of your church like to be trained in this form of outreach? If so, visit and contact our team. We’ll be delighted to hear from you.

*Name has been changed