Privacy (2)

This is Part 2 of our Privacy and Fair Use Policy. Part 1 is here (including PDF of whole document). Part 3 is here.

How We Collect and Use Your Personal Data


We may collect personal information from you when you get in touch with us to receive updates about our work, make a donation, attend an event or order resources, for example. You may give us these details by filling in forms or through our website.

We may collect the following information volunteered by you:
• name and job title (if relevant)
• contact information including email address and phone number
• bank account details
• debit or credit card details
• Gift Aid status
• demographic information such as age, gender, interests, local church
• website usage data (please see ‘Cookies and How we use them’ below)

We will use this information to send you our publications, e-newsletters and other communications that you have requested from us, according to your preferences. You can contact us at any time to change your preferences or opt out of any communications from LCM.

We will also use your details to record and process your donations, send acknowledgement letters and claim Gift Aid, if applicable. Please note that we record all phone calls when a Direct Debit is being set up as confirmation of your consent to debit your account. From time to time, we will include information about upcoming events and our latest resources in our acknowledgement letters. We will also keep records of communications with us, including enquiries and complaints. If you make a significant donation to our work, we may contact you to discuss your interests and specific areas of our work.

We may also ask you to complete a supporter survey which will help us to get feedback on our communications and supporter care, enabling us to improve these in the future.

From May 2018, we will only communicate with new supporters based on their consent. We will communicate with our existing supporters under legitimate interest: we will continue to send communications that people have requested in the past or are currently receiving and communications to people who have made a gift in the last two years. We will provide opportunities for supporters to review their preferences and make it easy for them to opt out of our communications at any time.

We will never trade or sell your personal information to third parties. We may send your data to organisations which provide services that help us to fulfil our commitment to our supporters and beneficiaries. For example, we use third parties to mail our publications and letters, to collect regular donations through the Direct Debit scheme and to keep our records up to date (so we are not writing to people who have moved). Data sent to these organisations are only used for these purposes and sent in password-protected or encrypted files.

In the course of carrying out our fundraising activities we may analyse our records internally to review categories such as donation amounts and giving history. This helps us to personalise our contact with supporters and send appropriate communications to the right people, ensuring that we are stewarding our resources well.

We may also use third parties to help us analyse some of the personal data on our database. Although some research will be done on particular records, we will only receive results that show general observations and trends, not on specific individuals. Within LCM, we may look at information online about some of our supporters (for example, on social media, sites where people have put up profiles, Google) to gain a sense of their background so we can tailor our contact and resources appropriately. All of this analysis will play a key part in helping us to understand our supporters so that we can provide relevant communications – enabling a more efficient use of funds – and improve your experience with us. Please note that any information accessed – via a third party or LCM team – will only be from publicly-available sources. If you would prefer that your data was not used in this way, please email us or get in touch with us using the details above.

Sharing Your Story

We are privileged that you – the people we work with – are happy to share details about your lives with us. This helps us to come alongside you and provide personalised support and encouragement. We will not record or share information about you without your permission. However, there may be times when we will be legally required to pass information on to the appropriate bodies, e.g. if there is a safeguarding issue or the law is broken.

Some of you agree to share your stories with a wider audience, and we are grateful for this. We are able to include these in our written and online publications so our supporters can receive updates and be inspired to support our work through giving, prayer, volunteering and in other ways.

We will always ask for your permission before sharing your story more widely and explain how and where it will be used. If you are under 18, we will seek consent from your parent or guardian.


We will seek permission from a parent or guardian before holding data on children. We will also seek consent from the appropriate adult about how we will communicate with their child(ren) in the future.


We hold personal data provided by individuals for tenancy applications to help us confirm your identity, employment status and other details needed to help us in the tenancy application process. We use third parties to undertake reasonable checks (including credit agencies) as part of the application process.

Rental income from London City Mission’s properties is used to support the charity’s work across our capital.


We hold personal data provided by applicants during our recruitment process for staff and volunteers. If you are not successful, we will keep this data on file for 12 months before destroying this, unless we communicate otherwise.