It's never too late

Brenda took part in our Sleepout last year, in support of the work at our Webber Street day centre for homeless people, and wrote about it... London City Mission

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Why do we care about the least reached?

As well as being an author, Helen Thorne is our Director of Training and Mentoring, equipping our mission staff and London churches in cross-cultural mission. Here, she offers us some theological reflection on why we’re so passionate about the least reached. Helen Thorne

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Breaking Out of Our comfort Zones

Graham Miller, our Chief Servant, serves the staff and Trustees by providing overall leadership, He shares with us the attitudes to adopt to best reach those without a Christian friend. Graham Miller

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A catalyst to pour out love

Sarah Adeaga, from Ecclesia Church in Lewisham, attended our Summer School last year and wrote about it for us. (This year's Summer School runs 15-19 July.) London City Mission

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One Minute Gospel

How would you share the gospel in one minute?
Ilyas Ayoub shares how he would do so with a 40-something Muslim man in Forest Gate. London City Mission

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A 'miracle mission'

As we celebrate our 184th birthday as a mission Terry Puttick reflects on how the mission has developed over the years. London City Mission

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Alive - Mark 16:1-8

Alive! The final of fifteen words on Jesus' way to the Cross.

Our fifteenth and final Lent Reflection celebrates the declaration of the Gospel, 'He has risen!', in Mark 16:1-8. Thomas Creedy

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Buried - Matthew 27:57-61

Buried. The fourteenth of fifteen words on Jesus' way to the Cross.

Our fourteenth Lent reflection briefly considers the burial of Jesus, from Matthew 27:57-61.
Thomas Creedy

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Dead - Luke 23:44-46

Dead. The thirteenth of fifteen words on Jesus way to the cross.

Our thirteenth Lent Reflection focuses in on the death of Jesus, in Luke 23:44-46, and what it means. Thomas Creedy

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The LCM Easter Appeal

We bring people together, towards Jesus

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus is keen to invite people towards himself, to consider who he is, and to become a part of his mission, become a part of the Kingdom of God.
London City Mission

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Because London needs Jesus