From Sikhism to salvation

Manmohan Singh, LCM Missionary in Hounslow, was born into a devout Sikh family in Punjab, India, and was being trained to become a Sikh priest. But all that changed when he had an encounter with Jesus.

Manmohan’s mother had four daughters but desperately wanted a son, so she visited a Sikh temple and vowed that if she was given a son, she would dedicate him to service in that temple. Shortly after, Manmohan was born.

During Manmohan’s priest training, he began having questions about life and different religions, and began to question ‘If God is one, why are there so many religions? If all of these religions are not true, then there is one which is true and I need to find that true religion. I wanted to know that true God.’

In seeking answers, a family friend, a pastor, heard that Manmohan’s sister was going through a spiritual attack and told them Jesus could help them.

“We said okay. We didn’t really believe in Jesus at that time, we wanted to try it out because we wanted a solution, so he prayed. Then a miracle happened.” shares Manmohan.

“That’s when I started really wondering about this Jesus and I wanted to know more about Jesus and this faith called Christianity.”

"Growing up, Sikhism taught me that if we can make 'God' happy with our worship, even just for half a second, he will accept us. But I would also wonder how could I worship God with truth and spirit if my heart is full of evil."

Manmohan 2

As Manmohan began exploring his questions, he started reading the Bible and came across Ephesians 2. It was an eye-opening moment to him that revealed he was dead in his sin.

“It is Jesus who came looking for me and gave his life for me, cleansed me from inside and made me a new person”.

“God didn’t accept me because of my worship, God now accepts me because Jesus paid the price and made me one with God.”

Manmohan now has a desire “for every Sikh to know the reality of Jesus, that he is not the founder of another religion, but he is the true light than can make us one with our heavenly father, and through our Lord Jesus we can be accepted into the family of God.”

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