Martyn Rule

Missionary in Lambeth and Wandsworth

"I love to share that Jesus is the answer for lost people like me"

Martyn was born in a Christian family, but tried to live life his own way up until his early teens. “Before my GCSEs, I realised that living life my way had only left me in a hole of my own making, and I was isolated and unhappy.

"I knew that only God could give me peace with other people and with myself, so I started praying that God would forgive me and help me live his way.”

A few years later, he travelled to the Middle East to teach English and was struck by the spiritual needs, and yet openness, of the people he worked with. After teaching English to people from many different cultures in London for more than 10 years, he joined LCM to serve the Lord in reaching those on the margins from other religions.

“God has shown me such grace in dealing with my sin and giving me meaning in my life and hope for the future. I love to share that Jesus is the answer for lost people, like I was, from every culture, and his love can draw those who are far away, near to him.”

Martyn now works as a missionary in Lambeth, focusing on reaching out to Muslims and people from other religions with the love of God and the good news of Jesus Christ. He is seeking to equip and inspire everyday Christians in local churches to lovingly bring a message of hope in Christ to those least likely to hear it.

“Lambeth is such a varied area, with many different groups of people searching for identity, salvation and wisdom in everything apart from Christ. All of them need the gospel, and the churches there are best-placed to reach them.”

“I’m praying that people from every faith, nation and language represented in Lambeth will become disciples of Christ, and that churches throughout the borough will extend their welcome to people of all cultures.”

Martyn is married with two sons, and lives in south London.

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