Muslim Engagement Training

The Muslim Engagement Training (MET) is a short course to equip Christians to love their Muslim neighbours and friends by sharing the message of Jesus with them.

The course aims to boost the confidence of everyday Christians in the Gospel by providing them with concise and precise similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam.

This course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to communicate the gospel in a way that is effective and relational. The course runs for four weeks, with one two-hour session each week.

Many Muslims have common misunderstandings about Christianity. By the end of the course, you will understand the root of those misconceptions, and you will have considered responses to defend Biblical truth with confidence. You’ll feel ready and able to discuss your faith with your Muslim friends and neighbours.


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Four weeks. Two hour session per week.


£5 per session

£20 for the whole course


One two-hour session per week

Who is the course for?

Christians who have a heart to share their faith with Muslims. The course is ideal for people who may be worried about sharing the gospel with Muslims, because it seems too difficult or complex.

Training overview

The course covers origins and beliefs of Islam, cultures of Islam, communicating the gospel and how to meet and talk with Muslims. Sessions are interactive and led by diverse missionaries with practical experience in ministry.

Ilyas Ayoub

Ilyas was born into a Muslim culture and grew up memorising the Quran, but then he met a missionary who told him about Jesus. Since 1984, the day after becoming a Christian, Ilyas has been passionate about reaching out to Muslims with the hope of the gospel. He has extensive experience within various charities in engaging those of the Muslim faith and has seen many come to know Jesus. He joined LCM in 2015 and now works as a full time missionary in the borough of Newham.

Jayne Kinghorn

Jayne worked in a school before becoming a Missionary providing speech and language therapy for students from all walks of life and has always been interested in other religions having been a Rastafarian and then a Jehovah Witness.

Matt Brinkley

After completing a degree in Theology and Mission, Matt recognised the vast need for Muslims to hear about Jesus in London and wanted them to hear about Him too. He researched the conversion experiences of Muslims coming to the Christian faith. Matt's been part of London City Mission since 2017 when he felt the challenge to invest years of his life in the people of Tower Hamlets.

Alice Cooper

Alice lived in Northwest India for two years in a church planting team, reaching out to an unreached tribal group before studying Biblical and Cross-cultural studies at All Nations College. She moved to London in September 2000 and since then has been working with the Bangladeshi (Sylheti) community, first with a church, and then from 2012 with London City Mission, where she runs ESOL classes and Discovery Bible study groups with Muslim women.

Tim Spring

Tim works in the London Borough of Enfield and has a vision to see the Church in London filled with people from Muslim backgrounds. After completing a degree in Oriental Studies (Arabic and Turkish), Tim served as a missionary in Turkey for eight years.

Upcoming courses

MUSLIM ENGAGEMENT CONFERENCE: Sharing Jesus with confidence - 17 June.

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Muslim Enagagement Conference

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