The Big Winter Sleepout

Raise vital funds to help people in London out of homelessness

The next Big Winter Sleepout is on 24 February 2024. Register to take part now.

LCM’s Big Winter Sleepout is not just any other sponsored sleepout, it is an event that opens your eyes to the plight of many in London – and reveals God’s goodness and plan for us all.

As much as we think we've gone through bad stuff in life, someone out there's always gone through worse. It just made me realise, wow, God's actually pulling people out, all of us, out of this darkness”.

Marc, Sleepout participant

Marc came to last year's Big Winter Sleepout to escort his sister Louise who was taking part. During the course of the evening as he listened to the stories at Webber Street, our day centre for people who are homeless, – stories of lives changed by the love of Jesus, the Holy Spirit was breaking down the walls he had built around his heart.

It was amazing. We got there and everyone was loving and welcoming. There was someone singing there with the guitar. And that's when I sort of broke. I could feel his pain through his music.”

Marc ended up giving his life to Jesus that night surrounded by other participants who prayed and rejoiced with him.

His sister Louise was overjoyed and ended up raising over £1,000 for the people who are homeless in London.

Watch the video below to see the difference your taking part can make in the life of a person experiencing homelessness.

Register to take part HERE to take part and we will keep updated about the event.

Come along to Webber Street and experience what its like to spend a night on the streets. Bring your mat and sleeping bag and join others as we sleep outside in the park next to our day centre. But don't worry, there will be security around the park. Get your friends, family, church or youth club involved and make an even bigger impact.


  • Experience what its like to spend a night on the streets
  • Learn about the complex issues relating to homelessness
  • Find out what our Webber Street team is doing to provide practical help and spiritual hope
  • Help with setting up your own bespoke fundraising page, individually or as a group
  • Raise funds to help rough sleepers, who are vulnerable to abuse and ignored
  • Earn your very own LCM’s Big Winter Sleepout beanie hat.


  • Hear first hand stories from our frontline staff
  • Hear presentation on the issues around homelessness
  • Take part in a Q&A session
  • Interact with like-minded people with a heart to help people who are homeless

Register now, and we’ll be in touch with more information on the next Big Winter Sleepout.