Are you called to urban mission?

We are not currently in a period of missionary recruitment. This page will be updated when we are, but in the meantime please email if you have any enquiries.

'Drinking tea from a sticky cup...'

‘...Mental health assessment meeting. Drinking den at 11 o’clock in the morning. Waiting with friend for a STD result. Bible study with man in his boxer shorts and his ankle tagged. Tears at the death of a friend. Tears at personal failure. Joy at a friend baptised. Does this happen every day? No. But when Christ is at work in London, anything can happen and often does!’

Andrew works with a local church, serving his community in North West London

'I meet many different kinds of people...'

‘...students, tourists, asylum seekers and refugees. I meet people from royal families, parliaments and business men. All these people are from very closed Muslim countries and I have the opportunity to share Jesus’ love and good news with them.’

Yosry is a City Missionary working amongst immigrant and ethnic communities

Because London needs Jesus