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City missionaries

Our City Missionaries come from varied backgrounds, but all share an extraordinary dedication to urban evangelism and a passion for loving London through gospel outreach ministry.

As a missionary, you'll share our unwavering commitment to urban ministry and be passionately committed to serving Jesus by going to those beyond the reach of most churches, especially where there are social, personal or economic needs, devoting your time to patient and personal evangelism.

We strategically place our City Missionaries in least-reached communities so it's important that they're willing to serve the kingdom of God wherever there is need as initial placements may change to reach the most spiritually needy areas.

Current roles:

Deputy Manager - Webber Street Information and Job Description

Centre Leader - Ridley Hall Information and Job Description

City Missionary - Diaspora Communities Information and Job Description

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(Applications close 2 November 2018)

Team Leaders

Our Team Leaders are evangelists but are also responsible to lead and care for other missionaries and outreach workers.

As a team leader, you’ll demonstrate a gifting in evangelism and be responsible for management of team members; setting ministry goals, managing performance, providing pastoral support and more. You’ll be passionate to see Jesus Christ glorified in the community and be bold and assertive in proclaiming the truth of the gospel.

Edmonton and Haringey - Team Leader Information and Job Description

(Applications close 2 November 2018)

Isle of Dogs - Team Leader Information and Job Description

(Applications close 12 November 2018)

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'Drinking tea from a sticky cup...'

‘...Mental health assessment meeting. Drinking den at 11 o’clock in the morning. Waiting with friend for a STD result. Bible study with man in his boxer shorts and his ankle tagged. Tears at the death of a friend. Tears at personal failure. Joy at a friend baptised. Does this happen every day? No. But when Christ is at work in London, anything can happen and often does!’

Andrew works with a local church, serving his community in North West London

'I meet many different kinds of people...'

‘...students, tourists, asylum seekers and refugees. I meet people from royal families, parliaments and business men. All these people are from very closed Muslim countries and I have the opportunity to share Jesus’ love and good news with them.’

Yosry is a City Missionary working amongst immigrant and ethnic communities

Because London needs Jesus