Pray for us and with us

Prayer has been at the heart of London City Mission ever since it was founded in 1835 - and prayer is still at the centre of what we do today. From this page you can use prayer resources online, download prayer resources, and sign up to receive prayer resources by post or email.

Together - prayer diary

Together quarterly prayer guide

We want more people to be praying for London, its people and its City Mission. That’s why we put together our quarterly prayer guide Together.

Please pray with us, walk the streets we walk, meet the people we meet, and see the challenges they face.

To get Together:
- download the PDF (above);
- read it on Issuu (below);
- sign up to receive it by post (below).

Pray for London - a special five-week prayer guide

We have produced a one-off prayer guide, Pray for London, to help people do just that.

Pray for London contains five weeks of prayer points, ordered by themes of London life and London City Mission ministry.

Pray for London is undated, so can be used at any time. Please join us in praying for London.

To get Pray For London:
- download the PDF (above);
- read it on Issuu (below);
- sign up to receive it by post (below).


Other prayer resources

Weekly prayer update

Each week we prepare a short email update of current prayer requests from across the Mission to help in your individual and group prayers for our work.

To sign up to receive this weekly email, please use the form on this page.

We are so grateful for your continuing prayer for London City Mission's ministry and staff.

Regular prayer letters

Our missionary staff produce regular prayer letters.

If you would like to pray for a specific missionary or ministry, please fill in the form on this page, email or call 020 7407 7585.

PrayerMate app

You can have our Together prayer points sent daily to your phone by signing up for them on the PrayerMate app (available free on iOS and Android).

Get Involved

If there is a prayer resource mentioned here which you would like and don't already receive, please sign up for it!

Pray for London guide


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