Stepping Out In... King's Cross

Watch this short video and meet our missionaries sharing the gospel with the street population in King's Cross - a population facing issues including violence, prostitution, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness and homelessness. 

Walk the streets they walk, meet the people they meet. Find out more about what mission means to our missionaries and how they share the gospel with people in this community.

For more about this ministry, read our blog post 'Taking the King of the Cross to King's Cross'.

Reaching into the Margins

Since 1835 London City Mission has reached out to those on the margins of London, in the service of Christ and his church.

Our first missionaries went into the slums of London and brought practical care and love to those who were dying of cholera. Today we work with people who are homeless at Webber Street, our day centre in Waterloo, with the street population in the area around King's Cross, and with people in prisons across London, and we provide supported accommodation for homeless people in Hope Community Homes.

We meet material needs by providing food, clothing and accommodation. We support people by befriending them and caring for them when the rest of the world looks the other way. We do all of this in Jesus’ name, bringing gospel hope to those who feel the world has given up on them, and showing love to those who desperately need to hear about the Father who runs to meet them.

You can find out more about our work with homeless people at our Webber Street day centre here.

Hope Community Homes provides a supported tenancy programme for people who were homeless. In the film below Eric tells his story of how London City Mission has helped him to find hope. With special thanks to Spectrecom Films for kindly producing this for us.

Talking with a guest at
Webber Street
Bringng hope to prisoners
Because London needs Jesus