islam and other religions

There are more than a million Muslims in London, including many from nations where the gospel is not allowed to be preached. We want to boldly share the good news with them.  

For decades, we’ve crossed divides and reached out in love to Muslims and those of other faiths. As we continue to do this, we have plenty of experience and wisdom to share. We love looking at ways we can work with local churches to develop and establish such ministry, so together, we can make an eternal difference to people’s lives.  

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) 

Working together with churches

We partner with churches to share the gospel with Muslims and people of other religions.

We do this by providing resources, training people in local churches to reach out with courage and wisdom, and helping to develop and establish ministry projects. We can help churches run things like language classes, Christian-Muslim discussion evenings and high street book tables, where Christianity can be discussed with Muslims in a spirit of openness and love.   

To find out how we can support your church, email us at 

Churches taking the gospel to the streets of East London

Believe in Jesus: that was the message of an East London campaign in the run-up to Easter, when churches in the area took to the streets to share the gospel. 

Supported by London City Mission, local Christians ran book tables in the markets and shared gospel tracts with passers-by. Among those most interested to talk were the Muslim community. 

Team leader Matt Brinkley said, “Churches connected with a real mix of people; Muslims, homeless people, atheists, artists, traditional East-enders. You never knew what the next conversation would be like. There was a feeling that this was something we could do again in future, as the wider Church in unity.” 

Because London needs Jesus