Help shine the light of the gospel

The coronavirus crisis has affected us all. But it’s the marginalised, the homeless person, older people and those with health issues who are hardest hit. 

Thanks to supporters, we’re doing all we can to serve practically and spiritually. If there was ever a time when London needs Jesus, it’s now.  

Today, when so many Londoners do not have a Christian friend to tell them the gospel, the work of London City Mission is urgent. Millions may never hear God’s message of salvation. As this current crisis reminds us, time can be so short. 

Please, will you help shine the light of Christ among London’s most vulnerable people? 

£30 could help pay for an emergency pack with essential supplies for families, given in the name of Jesus, to help them through a time of real financial crisis. 

Your compassion will help shine the light of the gospel during London’s dark days. Thank you. 

Graham Miller 

Chief Executive Officer

Because London needs Jesus