Coronavirus has affected us all. But it’s the marginalised, people experiencing homelessness, older people, and those with health issues who are hardest hit.

As the pandemic hits London, we’re continuing to work with churches to share the hope that is found in Jesus Christ with those least likely to hear it. Our activities may have changed, but the desire and urgency to share the gospel has not.


During lockdown, missionaries are continuing to serve those in need. It’s forced many of them to think of new, creative ways of sharing the gospel, and in many cases, lockdown has brought about new opportunities to do this. Why not read about some incredible stories of how God has been at work?

It’s only through the help of supporters that this work continues. Webber Street day centre for people who are homeless is providing hot drinks and a meals for around 40-70 people a day. Food banks are adapting to ensure food parcels are delivered to those who needed them most.

Other missionaries are running online Bible studies, following up with their contacts on the phone or video call. Church speaking engagements have also continued via Zoom, enabling missionaries to connect with our supporter base.

If there was ever a time when London needs Jesus, it’s now.

Because London needs Jesus