Racism and injustice

The leadership of the London City Mission were stunned by the tragic death of George Floyd. We grieve with his family, as we have grieved for the many black men and women who have died needlessly on the streets of London in recent years.

God hates injustice, it sickens him and we should also be sickened. The Prophet Isaiah says,

“He looked for justice and found bloodshed,
He looked for righteousness and heard cries of distress”

As Christians we believe the Lord has sent the suffering servant of Isaiah, Jesus Christ, to bring justice and to bring justification. We are committed to working for these aims; justice on our streets and the justification of lost souls, hand-in-hand with local churches and communities.

We see the pervasive and hurtful effects of structural racism every day through our ministry. Black children are more likely to be excluded from school, black adults are more likely to be sent to prison. A TES study found that a typical black boy with special needs is 168 times more likely to be excluded from school than his white female peer without special needs.

Black people represent the majority of the Evangelical/Pentecostal Bible believing church in London, but only a minority of its leadership. This inequality is one of many ways that racism permeates our society. We are sorry for the ways in which we have played a part in perpetuating that system of bias and we have been taking action to address this in our own leadership structures. We are fully committed to tackling racism, discrimination and inequality, and we stand in fellowship with supporters, our staff, and church communities as we share the good news of Jesus for all of London, especially those who have previously been discriminated and treated as outsiders.

We don’t say black lives matter because an American protestor has said it, we say black lives matter because they do. God has sent his son to die on a cross for people like George Floyd.

Graham Miller
Chief Executive Officer
17 June 2020
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Because London needs Jesus