Mindy Sanghera

Homeless Support Worker at Hope Community Homes

"Ever since I encountered Jesus, I’ve felt a strong calling to minister to the broken-hearted"

Mindy has had a heart for missions since she became a Christian in 2016.

After a Sikh upbringing and a radical conversion, she attended various mission trips to India to bring the good news of Jesus to those who grew up just like her. But Mindy felt God calling her to London, and has since joined London City Mission to reach the homeless and marginalised communities here.

“Ever since I encountered Jesus, I’ve felt a strong calling to minister to the broken-hearted and share the love and hope we have in our Lord Jesus Christ. I have a passion to disciple others and see the transformative power of the gospel at work in people's lives.”

Mindy works as the Homeless Support Officer at Hope Community Homes and works as a youth worker in the Islington borough, coming alongside churches to disciple young people.

Hope Community Homes seek to help people sleeping rough find hope through providing supported accommodation, which gives them the space to explore faith and the time to regain confidence as they work towards living independently.

The team also work alongside LCM’s Prisons and Resettlement team, which allows Mindy to come alongside those who have encountered Jesus whilst in prison. Their aim is to help those leaving prison integrate into a local church community as they resettle, find employment, and grow in discipleship.

Hope Community Homes is situated in Brixton, a very multicultural area with areas of great poverty. Despite the sense of community there, there is also a great sense of need, particularly the need for churches to bring gospel truth to those in the area. Hope Community Homes is there to work alongside those churches, and help them provide support to the homeless community.

"It’s my vision for men to encounter Jesus as they come to stay at Hope Community Homes. I want to see them discipled and regain hope, as well as learn life skills to be able to progress and move forward to a stable life when they move on."

In her spare time, Mindy enjoys enjoy travelling, cooking and reading.

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