Brother Joseph

Team Leader in Southwark

"My missionary travels have taught me that it is God who brings in the harvest"

Initially starting out life as a computer programmer, Brother Joseph felt a spiritual calling to serve God by training as a Roman Catholic missionary priest in North London... but the Lord had other plans! (Prov. 19:21)

After immersing himself in the study of the scriptures, he left the seminary life and the Catholic church altogether, realising he needed to be born again as an adult (John 3:5). So, he got baptised and started a missionary journey which would last nearly two decades, helping to plant churches in southeast Asian countries, learning new languages and cultures in order to serve local communities. Witnessing multiple churches grow from zero to over a thousand by the grace of God, he has served as a pastor and helped raise local leaders in many cities and villages through biblical discipleship training.

After returning to London with his family and working with Christian charities as a fundraising manager for the next decade, he realised God wanted him back on the mission field, this time in urban London.

“My missionary travels have taught me that it is God who brings in the harvest; and my purpose is to continue to be humble and faithful in serving his plans wherever I am called, no matter the challenge.”

The Lord continues to use brother Joseph to reach many diaspora communities in the borough of Southwark where he serves LCM as a Team Leader. He is working with church leaders in the borough teaching church members to engage in systematic community-based outreach.

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