Archives Update

Unfortunately, due to the current situation, we currently do not have access to our archives and may take longer than usual to respond to your enquiries. Thank you for your understanding.


We occasionally get queries from people researching their family tree who find that they have an ancestor who worked for London City Mission and wonders if we have more information on them.

We do have archives going back to our foundation in 1835, and information on individuals can sometimes be found within them - this may be in printed materials, such as our magazine, or in internal materials including official documents and missionary records, where they exist.

Finding any information can be a lot of work, and is done by volunteers; we will try to help, but cannot promise anything.

If you do have a query, please use the form on this page and we will see if we can help.

Archive enquiry

If you'd like to make an ancestor-related enquiry about our archives, please complete this form.

Please bear in mind that archive research is done by volunteers and is very time-consuming, and that we may not always be able to help, or to find anything.

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