The Mission, which was established in May 1835, has an extensive collection of records and archives which could be of interest to social historians and family researchers.

Where academic or professional researchers use our material, we ask that they supply us with a copy of their findings, which we may freely use for our own (not-for-profit) purposes.

key elements of the archives

LCM Magazine (1836 onwards) including much material from missionaries' daily journals and annual reports

LCM Annual Reports (1835 onwards)

Minutes of the LCM Committee (weekly meetings from 1835)

Family history related e.g. Register of Missionaries

Unpublished annual reports of individual missionaries, autobiographical accounts, etc.

Photos and scanned images

Annotated bibliography

We have gradually accumulated a number of studies on individual missionaries. Sometimes these only contain the basic details of when a person joined the Mission and when they left or died, together with a short published obituary. Others contain much more detailed information e.g. mentions in Committee minute books and long extracts from obituaries, where they exist.


If you'd like to make an enquiry about our archives, please complete the form below or telephone us on 020 7407 7585.

Archive research is done by volunteers and is very time-consuming. If you request a particular document, we would appreciate a donation to our funds – thank you.

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