Urban Mission Course

The Urban Mission Course (UMC) is a part-time two-year training course which will equip you to reach urban communities with the gospel, as a missionary, evangelist or Christian leader. It’s designed to fully prepare you for a gospel-sharing job, by building on your good Biblical understanding and giving you the critical skills for urban mission. If you have a heart for London’s lost people and a passion for the gospel, this course can help you become a powerful and effective urban evangelist.

The programme involves classroom study; you will deepen your understanding and knowledge of the Bible, and how to apply its message in different contexts. But it is also practical. You will learn things like how to build a team and mobilise churches for urban mission. You’ll be shown how to survey your area and build a picture of your community’s needs, before creating a strategy for urban evangelism. You will gain the insight, knowledge and skills to help churches reach out with the gospel.

All new LCM missionaries complete this course, which is a level up from the Foundation Course.

UMC runs for one day a week during term time, over a period of two years (though it is possible to complete just year one of the course).

Lcm Hq, Tower Bridge Road
Mondays (first year), Tuesdays (second year)
Two years


£100 per term

Concessionary rates available on request


The course runs during term time for two years, for one day per week.

Training takes place on Mondays in the first year, and on Thursdays in the second year.


Certificate provided to participants

(No formal qualification)

Who's the course for?

Christians with experience in evangelism and a good biblical foundation, who want to grow their expertise in urban mission ready for service.

People who attend the UMC are looking to become more actively involved in urban mission either in their own church or elsewhere.

Training Overview

Each day starts with a short Bible talk and prayer, led by students. This is followed by an ‘Eat the Word’ session, led by a lecturer. Eat the Word at this level is about applying the Bible’s message to different contexts and cultures. It’s designed to deepen your Bible understanding, so you can share God’s word effectively.

There are four further lectures each day. Training areas focus on mobilising the church, God’s mission and his people, cross-cultural mission, developing a team, running a district survey and building relationships with community gatekeepers, and so much more. You will develop communication, leadership, critical thinking and management skills.

Phil Moore

Training Field Director

Phil is a Training Field Director who oversees mentoring at LCM. He expertise includes pastoral care, biblical counselling and effective biblical leadership. Phil trains churches, of all denominations, in practical evangelism.

Alan Black

Director of Studies

Alan is LCM’s Director of Studies. He has a particular focus on teaching biblical and theological studies, missional ecclesiology and cross-cultural studies. Alan led independent evangelical churches for many years.

Felix Aremo

Missiologist Field Director

Felix is a Bible teacher, evangelistic speaker and mission theologian. He trains Christian leaders and gospel workers in mission, specifically urban apologetics, cross-cultural disciple-making and building diverse gospel communities.

Efrem Buckle

Director of Training and Mentoring

Efrem joined London City Mission in 2014 to help establish our Pioneer Programme. Now, he’s our Director of Training and Mentoring, responsible for strengthening the impact and increasing the reach of our training. Efrem is also LCM's deputy Chief Executive.

How to apply

The course starts in September each year. Please send your completed application form, together with a reference form completed by your church leader, to lcm.training@lcm.org.uk by 1st July.

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