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“At the same time, pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ”

Colossians 4:3

Online prayer sessions are a great way to get together with other supporters to pray for our missionaries. The sessions, hosted via Zoom, last for an hour and involve an update from the missionary about the work which God has been doing through their ministry, before breaking into groups to pray together.

We look forward to praying with you that the mystery of Christ would be revealed to people across London!

James Tredgett, 29 June, 6pm

Born and raised in Essex, James disliked Christianity growing up, joined the army at 16, and says he did 'some silly things whilst trying to find myself'. 'I hit rock bottom, but Jesus found me, and now I live for him'. James has a wife, two children and, as he describes it, 'the best job in the world'. James is a Borough Leader for Tower Hamlets, specialising in reaching council estates and seniors with the gospel.

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Matt Brinkley, 6 July, 6pm

Matt is a Team Leader and Missionary in the north region of Tower Hamlets, which has one of the highest concentrations of Muslims in London. He previously worked for a church near Birmingham for nearly a decade, mainly in youth ministry and has always been drawn to evangelism. Matt comes from a family of pastors in the, he's the youngest of four brothers and became a Christian at 15. He is an avid Formula One fan.

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Keri Lim, 13 July, 6PM

Keri is a Team Leader in Newham and Waltham Forest, partnering with churches in proclaiming Christ. She's been with LCM for 14 years – starting at the Husk cafe in Limehouse, before being seconded to a multi-congregation diaspora church on the other side of London. Prior to LCM, she worked as an assistant in All Souls, Langham Place; worked overseas in Japan and China and did a Discipleship Training Course with Mercy Ships in the United States, El Salvador and Honduras.

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Alice Cooper, 20 July, 6pm

Alice was brought up in a Christian family but made her own commitment to follow Jesus when she was 22. She has since felt called to share the gospel to unreached areas of the world, including Albania and two years in India as part of a church planting team. But it was Bangladesh which captured her heart. She learnt Sylheti and started building ties with east London's Bangali community. She has been with the Mission for nearly nine years now, initially based at Husk cafe where she started English language classes for local Bangali women - which have provided many opportunities for sharing the gospel.

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Turgay Yusuf, 27 July, 6pm

Turgay works as a Team Leader in Newham with a Specialism in Islam and other Religions. He and his wife were committing their retirement thoughts and plans to the Lord, one option being, whether to stay or go to North Cyprus which is our ethnic background. Instead, Turagay found himself in East London, in a Christian-Muslim Dialogue and was confronted by a Muslim who asked him difficult questions about the Bible which he had no answer for. A taste for witnessing to Muslims was born and he ended up at LCM.

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Nick Mott, 4 Aug, 6pm

Nick was brought up in North London and became a Christian in his early 20s after going to church for most of his childhood. Early in his Christian journey, his church encouraged him to take part in a short term outreach. This put a passion for evangelism in his heart which soon developed for an interest in the Muslim community. This interest led Nick to Turkey where he lived for 14 years. In 2016 he and his wife returned to London to work with London City Mission where he now serves as a Team Leader with a focus on helping churches reach the Muslim and Turkish speaking communities.

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Ilyas Ayoub, Tuesday, 15 Jun, 6pm

James Tredgett, Tuesday, 29 Jun, 6pm

Matt Brinkley, Tuesday, 6 July, 6pm

Keri Lim, Tuesday, 13 July, 6pm

Alice Cooper, Tuesday, 20 July, 6pm

Turgay Yusuf, Tuesday, 27 July, 6pm

Nick Mott, Wednesday, 4 Aug, 6pm

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