If you live on the streets of London, you’re lucky if people step over you or look the other way. Loneliness is constant and on a bad day, you’ll be kicked, punched or even urinated on. But this Christmas, your church can change the story for those who are homeless.

Thank you for being willing to take an offering to help people like Brian this Christmas. We’ve produced free resources below that you can share in your carol service or other Christmas event.

how your church can give

1. Take an offering:

a. You can order free giving leaflets and envelopes to hand out at your church service.

b. You can give online through our website or transfer your offering straight to London City Mission; find out more by calling our Church Engagement Team on 020 7234 3571 or email

2. Set up an online giving page specifically for your church, so members of your congregation can give directly to London City Mission. The unique page for your church will be hosted on our website, and we can set this up for you. Please call 020 7234 3571 or email

Below are some examples of how your church can make a difference:



provides a week of vital support for someone experiencing homelessness, like Brian, by funding food, friendship and gospel ministry at our Webber Street centre.


can put up five guests at Corner House, where we provide temporary shelter, for a night – giving them bed and breakfast, clothing, practical care, and vital mentoring in work and life skills.


can staff and run our Webber Street centre for homeless people for a day, providing nutritious food, friendship, Bible talks and God’s love to one of London’s most vulnerable communities.

keep in touch

Please let the Church Engagement Team know the date of your service below so we can pray for you, arrange resources and answer any questions you may have. Or contact us on 020 7234 3571 or

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