How can my church support London City Mission?

Churches are key to bringing the good news to people in the least reached communities across London. Every day our missionaries are out and about, building relationships with individuals, sharing the gospel and helping others do the same.

Find out how you can partner with us to help reach even more people with the gospel.  

Church reps

Church Reps are the essential link between LCM and churches right across the country. We need people like you on the team.

Together in the gospel

Partner with us and we will show you over the course of a year how London City Mission shares the good news of Jesus with the least reached people of London.

Book a speaker

Book a speaker! There is always lots going on at London City Mission, and we have many great stories to share with you about how God is moving in our capital.

Contact us

If you would like to speak with us to find out more about how your church can partner with us in these or other ways, please contact our churches team on 020 7234 3590 or email

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