NB We are not running a City Vision programme with a 2020 intake, but are leaving this page here for your information. Go to our Gap Year page for more details and to register your interest for the future.

When does the scheme start and finish?

In the past, City Vision has typically run from September to July. We are not running a City Vision programme with a 2020 intake, however.

Does City Vision accept overseas applicants?

Yes. Once accepted into the program we will provide you with an A-rated Visa Sponsorship Number. This number will allow you apply for the necessary visa (Tier 5 Charity Worker). Your course fee does not cover the cost of the visa. More information on how to apply for your visa can be found here. You will receive guidance and support from our team throughout the process.

If you are applying as an EU citizen you do not need a visa.

What is the application process like?

Following your application we will set up a short interview.

You will then receive options of possible placements for your year. Lastly, we will set up an interview between yourself and the team at your preferred ministry placement.

What does my fee cover?

  • Accommodation, including utilities, for the duration of the scheme
  • Travel to and from your ministry placement
  • Training

You must have at least 40% of the gap year fee paid for before you commence; the remainder of your fee can be paid by instalments.

You will need to attach a detailed payment plan to you application. Each plan will be approved on an individual basis.

What Church should I go to during my gap year?

London is home to amazing churches. We would encourage you to look around and see what suits you. We have relationships with a wide range of churches and we are happy to introduce you to them.

Do we have time off?

You will be following the ministry calendar of your placement.

If you work on a public holiday (eg Easter weekend) you will be allocated time off on another date.

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