help invite people to respond to the good news of Jesus

Imagine our city’s churches filled with families from council estates, former prisoners, people from Muslim backgrounds, and others overlooked by society… Everyone invited, personally, by someone who cares.

And yet, there are many people that don’t get that invite.

One in three people in London are unlikely to have a Christian friend. People on council estates and those born into other religions may never meet a believer like you or me. There’s no one to invite them to church, or offer to pray when things are tough. No one to share the good news of Jesus.

No one except you. 

Already, Christians at Tower Hamlets Community Church and other churches in London are being trained by LCM to reach Muslims and people from council estates with the saving message of Jesus.

As a church we prioritise those who are overlooked, who don’t normally get an invite. Everyone should be invited to follow Jesus.

Tony Uddin, Church leader, Tower Hamlets Community Church

Will you help to personally invite someone in London to follow Jesus, by sending a gift today?

Because London needs Jesus