Easter is the celebration of resurrected new life through Jesus. But for a growing number of young people, their lives are being violently halted by knife crime.

An increasing number of teenagers in London are carrying a knife to school. Often, they are bombarded by violent social media messages. Some live in fear of being stabbed – or being told to stab someone else. Nowadays it’s not surprising to see kids as young as 11 carrying knives.

Already 26* young people have lost their lives since the beginning of this year. On average 522* people are hurt every month and the problem continues to spiral out of control. MPs have called it an epidemic. Most victims are teenagers.

Some teenagers, when asked why they carry weapons said, ‘it’s to protect ourselves; stab first or risk getting stabbed yourself.’ And once you’re caught up in this way of life, it’s hard to get out.

Yes, there are government initiatives to tackle knife crime... tougher policing, mental health support, better education, more youth activities. But there’s never enough money to make a real difference, and the problem is so complex it feels each new solution barely scratches the surface.

What these kids need, above all, is Jesus. They need love, kindness, time and security. They need to know they can be part of God’s family.

Our missionaries on the ground are reaching out directly to young needy people. And we partner with like-minded ministries. We plan to open a new youth space at our centre in Dagenham, where we can share Jesus and pray with these young people.

But we need your help to do this. Today, by making a gift, you can help give a fresh start to a young person trapped in a gang, or someone tempted to join one. You can be a part in bringing a teenager into God’s family. You can help many others, across London – vulnerable women, rough sleepers, isolated elderly people – to find hope in Jesus.

Thank you so much.

Please use the form on this page to make a gift, or call us on 020 7234 3585.

* BBC news report 21/03/18

Because London needs Jesus