People across London need new hope

This Easter, can you help?

Covid-19 has devastated parts of London far more than other parts of the UK. People living on estates have been disproportionately affected by deaths and job losses. Children already disadvantaged will be the ones most severely left behind.

People urgently need new hope. Easter hope.

You can help share the gospel across London by donating today. Together, we can reach London for Jesus!

Missionary Shane Goodyear met Ann when she came to pick up her granddaughter from the church toddler group. Ann was open to the gospel, she came to church – and became a Christian.

With Shane by her side, Ann threw herself into gospel evangelism. “I chat to anyone about Jesus,” she said. “On the bus, in the streets…” The pair go door-to-door and run a lunch club on the estate. Long after Shane eventually moves on, Ann will be there, bringing the hope of Jesus to this community.

Because London needs Jesus