I could feel myself letting go of my chains and frustrations...


One in four Londoners has a non-Christian faith*. It means they have few opportunities to hear the gospel, but everyone needs to hear who Jesus is...  

Your support means the gospel can reach people like Friday, who grew up as a Sikh and never really thought about faith. One day, he walked into a church youth group, met a London City Missionary – and heard about Christ.  

‘Jesus changed my life,’ said Friday. ‘I let go of my chains and frustrations and began talking to God.’ 

This Christmas, will you share the life-changing good news of Jesus with people of other faiths? 

Christmas is a huge opportunity to share the gospel. Because of the difficult year we’ve had, communities are open in a new way to the hope of Christ. Your gift today can share Jesus with people of other faiths this Christmas. 

Thank you so much. 


*2011 Census, Office for National Statistics 

Because London needs Jesus