I thank God that my life has been changed by following Jesus my Lord and saviour. In 2018 I was doing all the wrong things. At the time I would have said I was enjoying life, but to be honest I trying to escape loads of problems that I was facing. I was involved with drugs and also influencing other people to get involved with them. I was lost and guiding other people to a destructive path. But God had other plans for me. My wife met this person at a book table in front of a church, talking about the gospel. My wife was a Buddhist and my family is nominally Christian. When she came home, she told me that she had met a person who knows about the religion that I am from. It made us think a little bit why this person was trying to promote religion, but it was only a thought for that day and we moved on. A few weeks later we saw the same person on the street. He talked to us about Jesus again. But at that moment I was a bit arrogant and I didn’t want to listen to him. Anyway, we exchanged numbers and he wished me the best. He said he was going to pray for us as well.

Having met this man, we came back home talking about religion and faith. We didn’t usually talk too much about this because we were from different religions and it wasn’t really a big part of our relationship. But at the time we were facing a lot of problems and we were asking questions about why things were happening in our life. The man who got my number at the book table is Brother Turgay, a London City Missionary. He kept messaging me, calling me and asking me how things are going. One day I thought, “Yes I need to go to visit this person at Ridley Community Centre”. I went there, I saw him, I talked to him and he prayed with me. That day I felt something really changed inside me. I felt so much love it made me go back home and explore what he was talking FOLLOWING JESUS about.

So my wife and I started reading the Bible to get to know what was happening and what this story really means. We read the Bible and we started to pray as well. Soon after, we went to the Ridley Community Church. There we met all these people in the church who were talking about all the good things in life after they follow Jesus. The church has become our family over here now. They’ve been immensely helpful with everything and we continuously keep in contact with Brother Turgay. My journey to knowing Jesus Christ has been wonderful, it has changed me completely. Now I share Jesus Christ with all my other friends who don’t know Jesus. They come from Islam, Buddhism and no religion. Everybody I see, if there’s any opportunity now, I talk about Jesus and how God has given us a purpose to love people.


London City Mission


Because London needs Jesus