Most of the members of Rehoboth Tamil Church of God don’t live in Dagenham – they commute there from neighbouring Rainham each Sunday afternoon to worship together. They meet just down the road from LCM missionary Jayne Kinghorn, who decided to pay them a visit.

“They’ve been meeting there for years, but by their own admission, that’s primarily because it’s where they managed to secure a building to meet in. They haven’t got to know many of the people in the local neighbourhood.” But the meeting between Jayne and the church’s pastor, who works in the city in finance during the week, seemed to come at just the right time. “The church has felt called to share the good news of Jesus beyond just Tamil people, who make up the majority of the church’s membership.” After attending the afternoon services for a few weeks and getting to know some of the church members, Jayne was invited to speak about sharing the gospel with people from other cultures. “He asked me up on stage without any warning, but I really didn’t mind – it’s a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. I told them some of the first steps to sharing the gospel, which hopefully we’ll be able to support them with.” “It’s very early days – this is what we call ‘preparing the ground’ – but it’s clear that God is at work, making connections which I would never have considered before.”

This article is taken from our quarterly prayer guide Together. Please use it to pray with us, walk the streets we walk, meet the people we meet, and see the challenges they face.


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