As you might imagine, having lived in Turkey for 14 years, LCM missionary Nick Mott speaks fluent Turkish.

It has been an invaluable tool for making connections with some of the thousands of Turkish speakers who live in Enfield, especially as many of them speak very little English. “For those who moved from Turkey more recently, there is already an established community here – which means English is needed even less,” said Nick.

The natural approach to evangelism could be to equip Turkish-speaking Christians and churches. And this approach certainly has its merits.

But Nick also sees huge potential for English-speaking churches in north London.

“It’s important not just because we want to see churches which bring nations together, but because it’s sustainable for the future,” said Nick.

“Turkish Cypriots came to London in the 1960s. Now there’s a second generation, brought up in London, speaking English as their first language. They may not feel so comfortable in a Turkish-speaking church.”

But how does the Church start to reach beyond the language barrier? One answer has been to offer English language classes.

As we’ll see in this week’s prayers, English classes provide fertile ground for building friendships and sharing the gospel. Nick’s prayer is that this would extend across Enfield, as he and his team help other local churches reach out with the gospel.

*This blog is taken from our quarterly prayer guide Together. Please use it to pray with us, walk the streets we walk, meet the people we meet, and see the challenges they face.


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