Last year, we told you about a group of church members raising the spirits of estate residents by performing songs during the first lockdown.

Their positive efforts, reported in Together, helped maintain relationships the church had built before lockdown through events like burger nights and door-to-door visits, which were a chance to share the gospel.

The singers were from church-plant Inspire St James, in Islington, where missionary Keri Lim had been based. The burger-nights and sing-alongs are just two expressions of the church’s missional culture, which cuts across many areas of church life.

For example, Bible study groups dedicate one week in every month to either praying for non-Christian friends or reaching out to people in their neighbourhood. Keri would accompany church members to knock on doors of people in the surrounding housing estates.

“It’s part of the DNA of the church,” she said. “Mission is a natural part of church membership.”

Keri is still a member of Inspire Saint James, but her focus has now shifted to Newham (and surrounding boroughs), where she’s helping churches see their missional potential through God’s strength. It’s here, among areas largely populated by Muslims, that her experience of witnessing to people from other religions will be invaluable.

At the heart of our prayer material is our quarterly prayer guide Together. Please use it to pray with us, walk the streets we walk, meet the people we meet, and see the challenges they face.


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