“I first encountered London City Mission when I was playing football in Clapham Common in 1986. And it was a Chilean Latin American League, that would play on Sundays so it wasn’t Christian. And there used to be a London City missionary who was attached to a local Spanish speaking church. He gave me a tract with the name and details of Spanish church. That tract went in my jeans pockets. And the jeans then went in the washing machine and disintegrated and all that was left was the name of the Spanish church with a little map, and my mother, who sadly died last month, said, ‘Look, why did you put something in your jeans, it's ruined the clothes! All that’s left is the name of the church and the address.’ And out of curiosity, the following Sunday I went to the Spanish speaking church where that London missionary had given me a leaflet.

I heard the gospel, a man was preaching ‘For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.’ At the end, he gave a challenge that if God is speaking to anyone they should respond in faith and receive Christ.

I had a lot of religious knowledge in one sense, being brought up as a Jehovah's Witness. But that night, a penny dropped, that my good works couldn't save me, and it was only by faith in Jesus Christ I could be saved. Over the next year that same London City missionary took me under his wing. Every Saturday, we handed out tracks together in the market and my desire to want to be involved in full time Christian ministry grew and grew.

One day he said to me, ‘have you ever thought of the London City Mission?’ I said ‘no, missionaries only work in Africa or Latin America, London does not need Jesus, look how many churches there are between all these communities they can reach the whole of London’. And he said, ‘Look, I can see I can't convince you about the merits of joining them on this mission. But I challenge you to pray, and just simply pray, is it what God wants. And if God wants you to apply to the mission, apply, because I can see you're set in your way, and I'm not going to convince you of the merits of the London City Mission’.

And so I prayed, I did what I was asked, the more that I prayed the more peace there was, about not only applying to the mission but having ministry in London. I applied to the London City Mission and joined in March 1992, the rest is history really!


London City Mission


Because London needs Jesus