Former goal keeper Daniel Olteanu joined London City Mission at the beginning of the year. Serving God with total commitment and whole-hearted devotion makes sense, because God is perfectly dependable.

I was a goal keeper for a few years with Romanian Professional club Petrolul PloieČ™ti, until my father advised me, 'Daniel, this is not for you. It doesn't have a good future,’ so instead I devoted myself to working as a pastor and as a missionary.

Keepers have a reputation for being crazy. We just go for the ball and nothing else matters -- how or where we land or if we get a boot in the face. It's a total commitment, tunnel-vision focus on the task.

I'm like that the rest of my life and ministry too. I grasp hold of an idea and dive in.

I came to London in 2009 after a year of prayer and fasting. I was convinced that this is where God was calling me to be, despite not having any connections here. God has looked after us in so many ways, he is totally dependable.

Now I am here and it is wonderful to work in such an environment in London City Mission. I never dreamed I could work for God in a big mission. It is overwhelming to be able to share the gospel in this way in London.


London City Mission


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