Our missionary Jean Louis Kassis, gave up unforgiveness after revisiting his traumatic past. Hear his story.


“I was born in Beirut, Lebanon, into ill health and poverty. My dad took to drink which caused him to physically and emotionally abuse me. My godfather also sexually abused me for many years though at the time I thought he was giving me love. In the army I was unjustly imprisoned for 45 days where I was badly tortured every morning, lunchtime and evening.  

In prison I prayed to Allah to help with my situation, but I didn’t hear anything back, so I turned my attention to Jesus and prayed that if he got me out of this prison, I would serve him. The next day I was released. 5 years later I heard a preacher from YWAM speak on forgiveness and I felt God convicting me to revisit my traumatic past. 

It was very hard for me to write down the names of all the people I needed to forgive and then to forgive them. I had to travel for five hours to go and forgive the man who was responsible for my arrest and imprisonment. When I forgave him, it felt like a hundred tons fell from my shoulders. My next difficult task of forgiveness was to forgive my godfather. I visited his grave I declared before God that I had forgiven him. Finally, I went to my dad and let him know he was forgiven. This brought tears to his eyes.” 

In 2006, I joined London City Mission and I am working at the Webber Street Centre for the homeless to share Jesus with needy people living on the streets and with the Arabic people in Ealing Broadway. 

Jean Louis' story shows us that letting go isn't always easy, but what is God asking you to lay down? 



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