One of the first times our missionary met Helen*, she was in the midst of a mental health crisis and threatening to take her own life.

Our missionary helped to calm her down, and later they prayed together. It was the start of a long association, in which Helen has learned much about Jesus – and even encountered God for herself. She joined our craft sessions at the hostel where she was staying, and attended Bible studies led by our team.

But Helen, who has struggled with addiction, is not yet ready to commit her life to Christ.


Our missionary (whose name is withheld due to the sensitive nature of her work) said, “There have been times when Helen seemed on the brink of giving her life to the Lord. She once told me she could feel God, she could feel his love. But she says she can’t yet live as a Christian. There’s something she’s not ready to give up.

“Despite struggling with life in the hostel, lately Helen has been steadier and calmer. So I have hope that God is at work in her. We just keep praying.”


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