Five years ago, an older, disabled man called Joe* arrived at our centre in Dagenham and quietly sat in the background.

One day he approached the team leader, Jeff Potter, to suggest some building repairs. It was the start of a close friendship… Jeff started taking Joe out for trips around Essex and they talked several times a week. Three years into the friendship, Joe shared shocking revelations about what had happened to him during childhood. Jeff took it as a sign of trust.


Joe started coming to Bible studies with Jeff, and then to church. He started serving at our centre, spending the afternoon washing up cups and plates. Joe even went along to a Christianity Explored course, but was unable to commit his life to Jesus.

“Joe has always staunchly defended his position as an atheist,” said Jeff. “He’s often asked, ‘if there’s so much hurt in the world, how can there be a God?’ I wonder if he related it back to the things he went through as a child. It would be such a blessing for me and others to see Joe come to faith.”


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