Samira*, a young Pakistani mum-of-three, used to creep in the side entrance to our centre in East London and send a text to our worker when she was safely in the office.

She was so fearful of her controlling husband, and what people from the Muslim community might say, that she came in secret to learn English and meet with our worker and volunteers from the local church. But Samira had no friends and limited freedom, so it was worth the risk.


That was a year ago. Since then, we have shared the gospel with Samira, helped her to pass the ‘life in the UK’ test, and supported her to get a provisional driving licence. When Samira was terribly ill with Coronavirus, it was our worker who told her about the pandemic, and gave her safety information in Urdu.

At the same time, we urged Samira to seek God, to pray and think about what matters most. “I can’t call Samira in case her husband discovers our friendship,” said our worker, “so lately I’ve been forced to surrender her to God. My hope is that she utters in her heart, ‘Jesus, who are you?’”


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