Fifteen-year-old Tristan* had a tough start in life. He never knew his father and was expelled from his local secondary school. Growing up in the shadow of Grenfell Tower, he lost friends in the devastating fire three years ago.

His mum, Sara*, has also experienced a lot of trauma and death in her life – and she struggled as a single mum with teenage sons.

So when our missionary Andrew Barnett met Sara while going door-to-door on the estate, he realised this small family unit needed Jesus. “I arranged to meet Tristan and he came to church a few times,” said Andrew. “He was happy for me to share Scripture with him.”


Since autumn 2019, Andrew has been a consistent presence in Tristan’s life and has helped him get back into a mainstream school. But Andrew wanted to minister to Tristan and his mum together, so during lockdown they started an online Christianity course.

“My hope is that these two come to know God’s gift of salvation in Jesus,” said Andrew. “They are part of God’s family and I hope I can display that by loving them, walking and journeying with them.”


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