If you have been lucky enough to walk through the doors of the Husk Café in recent years, you will have enjoyed more than just an exceptional cup of coffee. The space has provided an escape from busy east London life as well as an outlet to share the gospel in amazingly creative and effective ways. 

And so, announcing the news that the café and associated arts programmes will be coming to a close means this is naturally a sad blog. 

It would be especially sad if we were forced to close due to the financial pressures compounded by the global pandemic. 

But this is not the case.  

Our mission is to work alongside the churches of London to reach the least reached communities – where people are least likely to have a Christian friend to tell them the good news of Jesus Christ. We estimate that’s around three million Londoners who will likely never hear the gospel during their lifetime. It’s people living on estates, people who are homeless, the elderly, young people as well as communities from other faiths. It’s a huge task, but it’s one which we are completely committed to.  

Ministries like the cafe and arts programmes at Husk are a crucial part of sharing the gospel across London.  

But to work towards our mission, we must focus all our resources on it.  And so we believe it’s right to use the Husk building and resources in launching out further, alongside local churches, to share the truth of Jesus with even more of the least reached communities in Tower Hamlets.  And that is where it gets exciting! 

Our new aim will be to work alongside local churches to make use of the building, which is still owned by LCM, to reach the marginalised and least reached on the needy estates in Tower Hamlets with the gospel. Our prayer is that many of the existing ministries (such as the English classes or Bengali poetry events) will continue, flourish and grow.  

So, this is indeed a sad blog to write. But not only do we celebrate the ways that God has worked through Husk in recent years, we look ahead with great anticipation of what He will continue to do through it in the years to come. 

If you’re in the area in the coming weeks, why not stop by and take in some of the artists’ work, which will continue to be on show in the windows of Husk until the 5th September. 


London City Mission


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