Rev Duncan Whyte, former General Secretary of London City Mission, went to be with the Lord peacefully on 3rd August 2020, aged 94 years. Mr Whyte served as General Secretary for 25 years, from 1967-1992. Here, former missionary George Hider, reflects on Mr Whyte’s time at London City Mission.

Duncan was my boss! I well remember my first real contact with him. When I was a missionary at Harold Hill I had a phone call asking me to go to his home - this could be serious stuff!  Actually, my old van broke down on the way and, when I arrived, I had to ask if I could wash my dirty hands before we spoke! His request was for me to join HQ staff. He was of course the General Secretary of the London City Mission and therefore had the task of selecting who would be on LCM HQ staff. The request was made on a Friday and Duncan told me he wanted the answer by Monday!! I managed that and joined the HQ team.

The regular (daily if possible) meetings with him by the executive was to make major decisions on the way forward for LCM. He was in charge and had a very important role to fulfil.

Known by many in the Christian world, especially in the city of London, he was highly regarded and often served in important groupings.

I recall the time when he asked me to change my job at HQ. I had become involved in a number of activities with young people and so his request was for me to start up a Youth Department in LCM. I confess I said “no” to start with (not something you normally did at Duncan’s request). However, after a few months of consideration I said: “OK I’m prepared to give it a go”.  Now, although Duncan was far from being a “young person”, I was very grateful that from time to time if I came up with a “strange idea to reach young people” he would agree on the basis that “this is permissible because it comes from the Youth Department!!

Duncan nearly always led the monthly “Divi days” as they were then known. A time where staff from the various divisions within LCM came together. His messages from the Word of God were clear cut and challenging.

So, I can but thank God for the years of ministry I shared with Duncan when he was General Secretary. I believe his overall responsibility for LCM (and its over 100 missionaries) was to be commended. I thank God for his family too. I recall a strange occasion when I had the task of helping his daughter to learn to drive a car!!

Thank God for Duncan who was wholly committed to the task of evangelism in our capital city, London. I believe his responsibility for leading the LCM so well for many years is something for which we can thank God for.

George Hider


The family would like to welcome supporters of the Mission to join the funeral service online.

The funeral will take at 2pm on Friday 21 August and you can access it hereThe password is: Indigo1223


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