Winston Reid gave his life to Christ on 12 September 1971 in the LCM Mission hall in Hackney. He recalls his story of faith.

I was born in Jamaica and came to the UK in 1964 at the age of eight. I went to church as a child in Jamaica, and so on arrival to the UK I went to my local LCM hall in Hackney Wick with my brother and parents.

Life at church was fun, with the various clubs and camps under the leadership of missionaries such as Arthur Privett, George Hider and David Linley.

At the age of 16, I was converted under the ministry of Arthur Spear at Hackney, and I was soon serving the Lord as a Sunday School Teacher.

In my late teens I joined a house party to the annual Keswick Convention with David Linley. I have very fond memories of these holidays and the great biblical teaching I received. I still have notes of some of the sermons I heard so many years ago!

In the late 1970s our family moved to Leyton and I started going to Barclay Mission under the ministry of David Clark. I soon became involved in the Sunday School teaching ministry there, which I did for many years after which I became a leader of a House group.

As I look back over these 48 years since my conversion, I am thankful to God in how the LCM has played such an important part in our Christian lives, from conversion to ministry and service. Today my wife and I are still supporters of the LCM as it seeks to proclaim the gospel to Londoners.

The method has definitely changed but the gospel remains the same.


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